Craft Yourself a World Chocolate Day

When the Crochet Corner discovered there was such a thing as World Chocolate Day, we agreed to plan something special to celebrate. There are a few favorite things that regularly happen in the Crochet Corner, and we knew World Chocolate Day would fit in well.

  • We “crochet-yay.” Crochet-yay happens near the end of every Friday as we shut down our computers for the week (if we’re not up against a deadline), and crochet ourselves into the weekend.
  • Also, we love to partake in Deb Gerish’s always stocked chocolate basket, which happens to be dangerously close to our office nook.
  • (Sometimes these 2 activities coincide.)

BUT on World Chocolate Day, Deb’s chocolate basket would not be enough to sustain our crochet-yay time, so we planned an outing to the Chocolate Café (yes—we live in a town that has a chocolate café). We recruited some knitters from Interweave to join us, and then we had a full-on chocolate and craft party!

What could be better than combining your favorite craft with your favorite dessert? Best of all, we actually found a crochet pattern that relates to chocolate! No, it’s not just made with chocolate-colored yarn. Who remembers the Caffeine and Chocolate Molecule Earrings by Lori M. Carlson from Crochetscene 2015? This fun and quick project was just what we needed to make ourselves ready for the holiday!

Now that you know about World Chocolate Day, how do you plan to spend your Friday? Will you mix it with crochet time like us? Will you treat yourself to some chocolate at the grocery store or head to your favorite dessert spot? Will you make these awesome Chocolate Molecule earrings? There are limitless possibilities for celebrating. I hope you spend it surrounded by sweet treats, sweet people, and a sweet crochet project!

Happy chocolate stitching!

-Sara Dudek
Associate Editor, Interweave Crochet

World Chocolate Day + Crochet = Love

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