Craft Up Some Fun Fall Décor with Crochet Loom Blooms!

Looking for a way to liven up your DIY fall décor this year? Look no further! With Haafner Linssen’s Crochet Loom Bloomsyou’ll be effortlessly adding budding and blooming flowers throughout your home this fall.

You might be thinking, “Flowers in the fall?!” But trust me when I say this is so much more than a springtime look!

Craft mountains of mums!

I always know fall has arrived when baskets of colorful mums make their appearance outside my local grocery store. Make colorful loom blooms that mimic this fall-décor staple by weaving a smaller version of the flowers from the Spring Bouquet pattern. Work them up in yarns the color of mums—including burgundy, white, and gold—for your own Fall Bouquet that will last long past the first frost!

Photo Credit: Hayley DeBerard

Here come the sunflowers!

Is there anything that says fall harvest better than a bundle of sunflowers? Bring the colors of the autumnal garden into your home by making the Delightful Daisies pattern from the book. Instead of looming up flowers in the yellow-and-white palette of daisies, use a bright-yellow yarn as the petals and brown or black as the inside to match a sunflower. Then, follow Haafner’s suggestion for making these blooms into a festive fall bunting, which is like the one I started making with the Bumble Bee’s Favorite pattern.

Photo Credit: Hayley DeBerard

Play with fall tones!

Looming flowers in neutral-colored yarn is a great way to turn any bloom into fall décor. Play with a palette of neutrals with the Go Wild Flower pattern. These farmhouse-esque blooms would look adorable as part of a welcoming fall wreath.

Photo Credit: Hayley DeBerard

Flowers aren’t just for spring! With Crochet Loom Blooms, adding a DIY floral touch to your fall décor will be as easy as can be!

Happy fall!

(Featured Images © Quarto Publishing, by Nicki Dowey, Haafner Linssen, and Phil Wilkins)

Be ready for fall decorating with Crochet Loom Blooms!