What Craft Would We Take To a Desert Island? CROCHET!

It’s National Craft Month! And in honor of all things craft, we’re excited to take part in the Interweave blog hop. When asked what craft we would take to a desert island, of course the crochet team started planning out what they would make with yarn and hook. Read up on why crochet is the perfect craft for a desert island and then follow along on our crafty blog hop!

Tiffany Warble, Craft Content Director, says:

The craft I’d pick to have on a desert island is without a doubt crochet. It does happen to be my first love, and even with others that I have picked up (knitting, beading, mixed media, and quilting) still the one I am the best at.

Now, I am imagining this to be a happy island situation, just to set the stage. One where you have made yourself a sweet tree house, have plenty of fresh water, food, and other necessities. As you visit the tree house you see all the wonderful things that have been created.

Why yes, the rope bridge connecting the rooms is crocheted. That handmade basket holding fresh picked fruit, yep, also crocheted. The beautiful and functional crochet afghan on the bed, just recently finished.

crochet national craft month

Crochet Basket Cases CREDIT: Harper Point Photography

As dusk arrives, imagine dancing around a fire as the waves crash on shore, crochet in one hand, coconut in the other.

On second thought, this island sounds pretty great, I’m outta here! I just hope there’s a spinner on my island to help make yarn…

Susanna Tobias, Crochet Project Editor, says:

If I were stranded on a desert island, I’d have to bring enough yarn to make several projects. I mean, there’s no telling how long I’d be stranded so I’d want to have enough yarn to make multiple things to cover up the swimsuit I’d already be wearing. Since desert islands are usually warm, I’d lean toward a cotton or cotton blend, perhaps something like Scheepjes Whirl (affiliate link). It’s nice and light, and there’s enough yarn in a ball to make myself something to keep me warm on any cool nights, such as the Beach Hoodie, and a cover-up like the Coastal Tunic for the warm days. If I had any yarn left, I might make a hat, because hats are my favorite type of project to make.

Sara Dudek, Editor for Interweave Crochet, says:

Of course I will bring crochet if I’m stuck on a desert island! No other craft would even be considered. Not only is crochet my favorite craft (obviously), it’s also the most perfect craft for some designated beach time. It’s the craft for making beach cover-ups, swimsuits, and cozies for tropical drinks. I’d pack an entire suitcase full of a high-twist mercerized cotton and get to work making crochet swimsuits. My favorite patterns are for the Aquatic Swimsuit from Interweave Crochet Summer 2018 and the Coral Bikini or Mango Monokini from Interweave Crochet Summer 2016. With these crochet swimsuits on my must-make list, I’ll be entertained and well-dressed for my desert island escape!

What craft would YOU take to a desert island? Read along on our craft blog hop and find your favorite craft!

Happy Stitching!
Tiffany, Susanna, and Sara

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