Cozy Up to a Crocheted Afghan




  The Aegean Dreams Crocheted Afghan kit is the perfect compliment to your hot cocoa. 

This latest cold snap is everywhere in the news, and I have to say it’s a pretty abrupt start to my first real winter here in Colorado. Prior to moving here in June I lived in north Florida my whole life, so it’s been an adventure learning how to drive in the snow, use an ice scraper for the first time, and bundle up properly for the weather.

Imagine my excitement when I woke up to this! (see left)

It seems like all the common advice surrounding winter driving in a cold climate is counterintuitive: if you slide on ice, you should stay calm, touch the brakes slightly, and turn in the direction you are sliding. I don’t know about you, but if I’m losing control of my car, my instinct would be to scream, slam the brakes, and turn the wheel quickly in the opposite direction. I heard that you’re not supposed to pour hot water on your windshield to melt ice because the temperature difference will crack the glass. Another no-no is to stand on a clear-looking spot on the ground because it’s likely slippery ice. While I’m looking forward to trying cross-country skiing, sledding, and snowshoeing, it’s a little scary to live in a climate and situation I’ve never dealt with before.

In Florida, I worked in a natural fibers yarn shop and was always a little surprised at the strong demand for worsted and bulky wool yarns. Blankets, sweaters, cowls, and hats were always popular choices. I think some crafters made presents to send to friends and family up north, while others simply enjoyed knitting and crocheting so much that practicality wasn’t a concern. I’ve definitely given away more handmade winter woolens than I’ve kept, so I’d like to catch up and make a few projects I will actually put to use.

While learning about winter is certainly exciting, for the first of these cold, snowy days I think I feel safer bundling up inside. My favorite way to stay warm is to hang out on the couch with a bowl of homemade soup, three pairs of wool socks, an old movie, and a new project on my crochet hook. I’m especially looking forward to tackling some of the larger projects I put off in the summer months.

When I first saw the Aegean Dreams Crocheted Afghan by Darla Fanton, I could have sworn it was knitted. However, a closer look revealed that it’s all Tunisian crochet. While that can sound daunting, I promise it’s not. This blanket has a one-row repeat and doesn’t require a border. What could be easier than that? Load up something good on your laptop or TV, settle in, and take advantage of this great new kit. With 10 balls of soft yarn and an issue of Crochet Home, you’ll be set until spring. Plus, you’ll have a great new afghan to show for it.

Happy Crocheting!

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