Countdown to Crochet Gift Giving

The countdown has begun!

The beginning of my gift stash  

Okay, maybe that's just a little bit melodramatic, but you know how I feel. We have just over two and a half months and so many crochet gifts to finish.

I actually have a pretty decent start this year and may finish before Groundhog Day in February. How am I doing it? Let me share a few tips and some of my favorite patterns with you. If I finish in time, I also have a few home decor patterns I want to create to decorate my own home.

This year I decided to stick to my goal of crochet quick and easy projects. If you finish early, you can always crochet a companion piece, but if you begin a large sweater or afghan, you may be up all night the week before.

  Atomic Hat by Linda Permann

Accessories are the perfect option and there are plenty of choices out there that don't sacrifice interesting patterns for fast finish times. That is my second tip, choose patterns that will keep you excited about the process. This year I crocheted a second Atomic Hat for my sister. She wears the rust-colored Atomic Hat I made her last year all the time and even gave me a list of other colors she would like. I love this pattern because the gorgeous cable pattern is easily memorized. The crown of the hat can get a little more complicated so keep the colorful stitch diagram handy.

I am also whipping up several sets of Orchard Mitts. I can create a pair in just a few days, and I love the spike stitch pattern. Try working them in solid or variegated yarns for a very different look. I am also hoping to spend some time embellishing them with flowers. I wasn't an advocate for fingerless mitts until I was given my first pair about three years ago. Now I give them to all my friends. They are the perfect gift if you work on the computer or like to craft in the evenings during the chilly months of the year.

Orchard Mitts by Chelsea Norquay  

Yes, I think this year I might just finish in time. We have hundreds more great hat, jewelry, and accessory patterns, so check out the Crochet Me Shop and start your holiday crocheting today.

Best wishes,

P.S. Share your best tip for finishing your holiday crochet on time.

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