Cotton: Why I Love It

Have I mentioned how much I love cotton yarns? I'm sure it must have come up at some point. For years every project I made was crocheted with cotton—cotton blankets, cotton hats, and cotton dresses. Since then I have learned to appreciate the heavenly suppleness of cashmere and alpaca, the beautiful shine of silk, and the soft warmth of wool. But I am still drawn to the cool crispness of cotton. I love the way each crochet stitch is perfectly defined.

When I heard about the Tahki Yarns Colorplay Challenge a couple of weeks ago, I immediately looked for a scarf to crochet, despite the fact that as an Interweave employee I'm ineligible to enter the contest.

Piper's Chain Scarf has been near the top of my queue since the issue came out. Our young model, who I happen to know, has been begging for her own scarf. And I happened to have several skeins of Tahki Cotton Classic in the ever popular purple.

The rings for this scarf flew from my fingers. The entire scarf was finished in less than a week. I loved working with the Tahki Cotton Classic. The crispness of the yarn made identifying forming the stitches effortless; yet as the yarn wound through my fingers and the chain links piled in my lap, I knew the softness of the yarn would make a great spring scarf.

I worked fewer chains do to the tendency of cotton to grow which is increased by the Piper Chain Scarf's construction, and I love how the scarf turned out. I have also enjoyed viewing the Colorplay scarf submissions. There is still time to enter your own scarf before the March 30th deadline. Then share your experiences about crocheting with cotton. What tips do you have for working with cotton?

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