Cotton Crochet Slippers: A Great Idea

When you crochet slippers, have you thought about using cotton yarn? We generally reach for sturdy acrylic or warm wool, but cotton has many attributes to offer.

Take the Ella Slippers for example. The yarn used to crochet the traditional granny squares that make up this slipper is one hundred percent cotton. I had to try these slippers, and I'm in love. The yarn is soft, but not too warm, making it perfect for warm nights when you still want a little something on your feet. I, like many of you, love to curl up in the evenings with a good movie and my latest crochet project. And theses slippers are not only perfect to wear, they're a great crochet project. You can finish a pair in just a few evenings.

Crochet Slippers   Cotton Crocheted Slippers

Because they are crochet so quickly, in addition to being so cute, they also make fabulous gifts for friends. Many of us have friends or family that live in places like Florida or Texas where cold temperatures are a rarity and wool accessories are not worn very often. These cotton slippers are perfect!

And we still have a few Ella Slipper Kits available! Order the Pink Ella Slippers Crochet Kit or the Blue Ella Slippers Crochet Kit and discover just how wonderful these crochet slippers feel.

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P.S. What yarn fiber is your favorite for crochet slippers? Let us know in the comments.

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