Cool Warmth


By Amy O’Neill Houck


Cool Warmth Scarves

I love how Tilli Tomas Mogul yarn, which is pre-strung with glass beads, feels cool and smooth to the touch, soft and warm to wear. It’s the perfect way to dress up for a cold night. This scarf duo—a cravat and a corkscrew lariat can be worn apart or together—so you really get three looks from not much more than an evening of crocheting. To wear the two together, twist the corkscrew around the cravat, and fluff it a bit after you put it on, so both the ruffles and the lace fabric shows.

Materials List

  • 1-2 skeins Tilli Tomas Mogul (100% Australian merino wool; 80 yds/100 g; CYCA#4 medium): color Parchment (both scarves took a total of 1 ½ skeins of yarn)
    • Big thanks to Dreamweaver Yarns for generously supplying the yarn for this project!
    • You could substitute any worsted weight yarn. If you use a plain yarn, try working it together with a strand of carry-along yarn that’s metallic or glitzy—the thin strand won’t change your gauge, it will just add sparkle.
  • Size I/9 (5.5 mm) crochet hook
  • Scissors
  • Yarn Needle

Finished Size

Length: 48″


Not critical.


CravatSpecial Stitches

V-st: (Dc, ch 1, dc) all in same chain or stitch.

The Pattern


Ch 12 (for a wider scarf, just make sure to have a foundation chain that’s a multiple of 3)

Row 1: V-st (see Special Stitches) in 6th ch from hk (first 5 chs count as dc, 2 ch), sk 2 ch, V-st in next ch, sk 2 ch , dc in last ch, turn – 2 V-sts.

Row 2: Ch 3 (counts as dc), V-st in each ch-1 sp across, dc in 3rd ch of beg turning ch, turn.

Rep Row 2 until scarf is the length you’d like. I prefer a short cravat that I can wrap around my neck fully once, and then tie at the neck. Scarf shown is 48”.

Fasten off and weave in ends. You may need to remove a few beads in order to weave in your ends.


Corkscrew LariatThe corkscrew is worked lengthwise and is formed by making large picots. The length is determined by the foundation chain, and it should be a foot or more longer than your cravat. Scarf shown is 60”.

Foundation: Make a chain the length you’d like your scarf to be.

Picot Edging: Ch 7, sc in 1st ch from hook, *ch 7, sc in next ch; rep from * to end of ch.

Fasten off and weave in ends. You may need to remove a few beads to weave in your ends.

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