Conversate Amongst Yourselves

I am addicted to nifty web apps just like I'm addicted to crochet. In addition, I have little to no patience for email discussion lists. And at the same time, I have a bunch of friends I like to share stuff with over email, but I hate sending out mass mailings. Imagine my glee when I found this:

Conversate is a new free app that could make for enormous fun in our continuing quest to talk about crochet all day long, without dozens of inane messages clogging our inboxes. From the Conversate web site:

So you e-mailed that groundbreaking, jaw-dropping, life-changing article to everybody you know. Now what? If your friends write back to everybody, the emails grow exponentially until somebody gets mad because their mailbox is clogged. But if they just write back to you, then that's not much of a discussion, is it? Either way you do it, mass e-mails are just a dead end. With Conversate, everyone who's inspired to can have a conversation, but nobody else has to.

Anyone want to sign up and test it out with me? We can chat about crochet! Just jot a comment or email me at editor 'at' crochetme 'dot' com.

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