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What is the role of art in our lives today? What is the intersection between art and craft? Architect Jin Choi’s work provokes so many fascinating questions, but what there’s no doubt about is the enormous appeal of her public crochet art.

Jin is now working on her 3rd in a series of crochet-based, large-scale installations. Called the “Flying Mosque,” it will hang in the city of Sharjah, the 3rd-largest city in the United Arab Emirates, beginning this December, as part of the Sharjah Islamic Arts Festival.

Jin’s 1st in this remarkable series of crochet art light installations was a project called “The Lace,” a giant Dutch lace bonnet made of polyester cord that hung over the canals of Amsterdam during the city’s 2016 Amsterdam Lights Festival. It was followed by “Urchins,” also constructed with polyester cord, and was featured at the i Light Marina Bay Festival in Singapore in 2017. Viewers were swept away by both crochet art works with the ethereal beauty of glowing forms that appear to float in the air, framing the night skies in lace filigree and allowing people to move and experience these open forms from within and without.

“The Flying Mosque” uses similar materials, and the conception is even more striking. The work is composed of separate elements, each of which are primal forms of great antiquity such as globes, spires, and arches. The elements are crocheted with polyester cord and hung with a supportive framework of cables. As Choi+Shine’s website explains:

“The collection of forms appear floating, undisturbed by each other, allowing visitors to meander between and through each form, occupy the volumes and touch their surfaces, exploring and interacting with the detailed hand work. When a viewer aligns with the central axial arrangement of these forms, the collective composition transforms, becoming legible as a unified whole, a floating mosque.”

crochet art

An architect’s drawing of the crochet art project.

The image of the flying mosque will only become apparent once the viewer is aligned in a particular relationship with the discreet forms composing it, rather like having a puzzle in many pieces suddenly cohere. It promises to be a magical experience. Chosen to support the festival’s theme of “impact,” it is certain to make a strong impression.

crochet art

The crochet components will align to create the image of a mosque.

A unique feature of all these pieces is the involvement of a large group of crocheters to help make them. Jin is now seeking volunteer crocheters who can jump in and help her in the current massive endeavor. Participants must be in the United States and be available to complete several hours of crochet working with polyester cord. Materials and patterns will be supplied. There is no compensation for the work, but all participants will be credited.

If you’d like to get involved, write to Sarah Kim at

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