Continuous Crochet Lace, See the Possibilities

Several years ago, I was first introduced to Kristin Omdahl’s seamless crochet. She has perfected ingenious ways to work motifs without fastening off after each finished motif. These patterns are showcased in Seamless Crochet: Techniques and Designes for Join-As-You-Go Motifs with Kristin Omdahl are incredible.

Now Kristin is applying her seamless knowledge to a variety of lace techniques and projects including Bruges lace, pineapples, sweaters, hats, cowls, and more.

Here is Kristin to tell us a more about her latest adventure in seamless crochet—continuous crochet lace.

Continuous Crochet

Continuous Crochet sounds like such an innocuous title, doesn’t it? Prepare for a delightful surprise as you explore the designs in this book. Because there are so many ways to be “seamless” and “continuous,” I decided to try to interpret familiar motifs and techniques in ways that are inventive and striking. As a result, I have found new limits!

This collection is dedicated to a variety of ways in which one can crochet designs and shapes and joining, all without cutting the yarn. I love sewing as much as the next person, but not when crocheting. So in this collection, I’ve placed considerable emphasis on reducing the number of ends to weave in, while pushing the envelope on what can be done within the parameters of garment design.

I’ve explored three-dimensional shaping within the conventions of traditionally two dimensional techniques: hairpin lace and bruges lace specifically. I’ve also spent some time showcasing ombré-gradient yarns because I love them so much.

Of course, I’ve also added a variety of ways to do seamless top-down garments—from crazy teardrop stitches you will love to beautiful lace stitch patterns, motif yokes, and even raglan yokes in motifs! The yokes vary from raglan to round and more.

Thank you for joining me on this journey of ways to move, meander, join, and feature beautiful yarns!

—Kristin Omdahl

Kristin really is the queen of continuous crochet. We have gathered several of her incredible resources full of patterns, tips, and how-to information into an exceptional bundle. Order this special bundle and dive into Kristin’s world of seamless crochet and fascinating techniques.

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