Continuous Crochet Education

Have you ever thought about creating a book of your crochet designs? I’ve always been fascinated by how designers choose which patterns to include and how to organize them. Inher book, Continuous Crochet, Kristin Omdahl separates her twenty-one patterns into accessories, shawls and wraps, and garments. This progression is perfect for exploring seamless crochet and growing your crochet skills. It is an amazing crochet education.


Mardi Gras Gold Herringbone Cowl

Here is Kristin to talk about her three categories.


Accessories are a wonderful way to learn new techniques: they are small, portable, and quick to gratify! Each of the hats offers a simple twist on traditional seamless, in-the-round construction methods. The cowls feature inventive texture and colorwork, and the buttoned Herringbone Cowl (at right) can be worn in a variety of ways because of the versatility of the buttons! The scarves explore even more skills. Think about applying these techniques in bigger projects once you master the basics.


Sorrento Sunset Starburst Shawl

Shawls & Wraps

My first loves in crochet were shawls and wraps, and they will always hold a special place in my heart. They are a wonderful medium in which to experiment with technique and texture, and they make versatile works of art! Inspired by gradient colorwork, the Cardi-Wrap, Tile Wrap, and Starburst Shawl (at left) explore directional crochet in different ways to demonstrate the beauty and variety of color-changing yarns. The hairpin shawl is a showstopper and a fun variation on traditional strips. There are a wide variety of shapes and construction methods. Improve your repertoire of skills and try them all!

Continuous Crochet Isle of Capri Crochet Motif Pullover

Isle of Capri Motif Pullover


In this chapter, I was inspired to use traditionally two-dimensional crochet techniques to create three-dimensional shaping. Applying raglan shaping and spirals to Bruges lace, combining triangles and squares together to create raglan shaping in motifs, and using pentagon motifs in place of squares to increase a yoke are only a few of the experiments I explored. The teardrop sweater features a gorgeous stitch that is not only unusual and fun to make, but is beautiful to admire in a yoke, too.

—Kristin Omdahl

Start with a simple accessory, graduate to a gorgeous shawl, and continue your education with an incredible continuous garment or just jump in with your favorite pattern.

Download or order your copy of Continuous Crochet: Create Seamless Sweaters, Shrugs, Shawls, and More with Minimal Finishing and begin your education in this incredible technique.

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P.S. Accessories, shawls and wraps, or garments, let us know in the comments which is your favorite to crochet.

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