Conquer Crochet Cables in a Weekend

Crochet cables—do those words incite excitement, hesitation, or a little of both? Though I always admired them in our projects, it took a long time to finally take the leap and try making them. I still remember the day I first saw the Ponderosa Headband from Interweave Crochet Fall 2017, which is when I knew my time had come to finally try crochet cables.

Delightful crochet cables as seen in the Ponderosa Headband

So, as I tend to do, I grabbed my supplies and the pattern and dove right in. After a few misses and attempts, I got the cable pattern down and was able to do the repeats almost completely from memory (much to my surprise since I’m usually glued to the pattern).

I wrote about the first completed headband a few months ago, and loved giving number one as a gift. But the new headband kit definitely meant I’d be making headband number two. As I rediscovered all the things I learned the first time around, I realized these tips might also help you. So, from my hook to yours, here’s what I learned:

1. Review the stitches you’ll be using in this pattern.

Especially the correct technique for doing front post and back post stitches. On a wrong side row, I ended up accidentally doing a front post stitch where I should have been doing back post stitch, and as you can imagine, that didn’t look so great. Once I did a quick review, however, I found switching between stitches a breeze.

2. For this pattern, the turning chain 2 does not count as a stitch until you get to the edging at the end.

Knowing this I was careful to place stitches at the end of the row in actual stitches and not accidentally work into the chain 2.

3. Let the chart be your friend.

Though I don’t always use charts, in this case, it was a blessing to have. With all the crossed stitches, I had a hard time with stitch placement until I referenced the chart, and that’s when the pattern clicked. This example shows the chart and project at a point where placement of the crossed stitches is key. Do it correctly, and you’ll have yourself crossed cable!

Crochet Cables Chart Example

The chart shows how you skip 3 sts, work the next 3 sts, then working in front of the three you just made, work the 3 skipped sts.

Crochet Cables In Progress Ponderosa Headband Example

Showing same place in the pattern as the chart and how the next stitch will cross over the three just completed.

4. Honestly, do the headband in the original yarn (Sugar Bush Yarns Crisp).

The first time I made it with a different yarn, and now that I’ve worked it in the original, I definitely recommend it. It has the most interesting spring to it and gave the final product the perfect amount of stretch.

5. Let your imagination run wild.

As I was finishing the headband, I started imagining all the variations I could create. Not just the finishing variation I tried before, but doubling the width and adding length to create a cowl. How beautiful could that be?!

When all is said and done, you could easily complete this headband in a weekend. Learn more in this pattern of the week post or get a killer deal on the kit to get the yarn (which I highly recommend) plus the pattern. Fall will be here before we know it, after all!


Hook into the Ponderosa Headband Pattern: