Connected by Thread: Crocheted Lace

Crocheted Lace Butterfly

Crochet is a thread that connects daughter to mother, crafters across continents, and the past to the present. The annual PieceWork Lace issue explores those connections as well as connection forged through lace creation in other crafts such as Carrickmacross Irish lace, Orenburg lace knitting, and Alençon lace.

Within the pages of this issue, you'll meet Englishwoman Flora Klickmann. Flora was a prolific author and an editor for women's magazines and books in the early 1900s. She advocated the use of quality materials in needlework and taking pride in one's work-a sentiment I think we can all appreciate. As Flora once said, "If you really want to be happy, do something original for the human race."

Crocheted Shawl

You'll also find the pattern for a delicate crocheted lace butterfly (above) originally printed in Flora's book The Modern Crochet Book (n.d., circa 1913). Karen C.K. Ballard translated this pattern from its antiquated British notation to modern instructions. This intricate thread butterfly represents not only the beauty of crochet but a connection between a needleworker a hundred years ago and the modern crocheter.

Crocheted Doily

Doris Chan shares how crochet has connected her with her mother and provides a pattern for the Yokohama Mama Shawl (at right), which was inspired by the only surviving doily her mother lovingly crafted for her own trousseau. Even more inspiring is the story of how crochet helped Doris' mother through the war.

I am currently working on the Moth Wings Shrug (Interweave Crochet Summer 2010) as part of a Crochet Me crochet-along. This elegant garment is constructed of beautifully lacy motifs, but what makes the crochet experience more enjoyable are the connections I'm building with each crocheter.

Lace creates connections, threads of experiences and passion passed from one crafter to the next. Subscribe to PieceWork today and find your own connections. 

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