Comfy Cardi

I loved the look of the Comfi Cardi in the Crochet Me book, and when my nanna gave me some black wool she didn't want, I knew exactly what I would do with it. Unfortunately because it's worked all in one piece I didn't know how it would fit until it was finished, and sadly the sleeves are a little wider than I would have preferred, and a couple of inches longer too. The yarn I used was an 8ply 100% wool, which was probably too bulky for this cardigan. I loved what I did with the cuffs, but the ribbing around the body should have been a bit looser to get a better drape. In summary, it's still a gorgeous cardi, but it's a bit bulky. I want to have another crack at it (because it's uber flattering) but I'll be using a softer wool, perhaps a cotton/bamboo, and I'll be making some modifications to the sleeves.

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