Colour Waves Reversible Scarf


Sanhita Kar


I had made a hat in light green and wanted to make a crochet scarf to go with it, but did not want it to be in the same green alone, as it would have looked too green and perhaps wee bit dull as well. And the person I was making it for likes blue and green, so I decided to add blue to this green and crochet a scarf.
“Decidedly yucky combo”, said my daughter!!
This too, like my previous one is a reversible scarf with no right or wrong side, giving a lot of versatility to it!! The alternate colours make a nice wave pattern, each side highlighting one of the colours.
I have not read about or seen a similar pattern anywhere.

Though this was made for a lady, with suitable change of colour it can be crocheted for men too!!

Materials List

I have used, about 80 gms each of blue and green ( may have used a wee bit more of blue as the first and the last rows are done with blue) sports-weight acrylic yarn. However you can use yarn of your choice for this crochet scarf pattern.
I used 4mm (Metric) / G (US) hook.

The type of yarn,thickness of the yarn, colours to be used and hook size will be entirely suiting to your taste and requirement, but it would look good in medium weight yarn.

Finished Size

The finished size here is 6” X 70” (With fringes). But it’s flexible as per your requirement


Not relevant really.

Your crocheting should be even and hook size should be suiting the thickness of the yarn used by you.


It’s crocheted in the length, so you have to decide about the desired length right before you start. Not difficult, wrap the string of chains made around your neck and decide.
Width of course will be your choice, crochet on, till you decide to call it a day!!
Colour A – Blue
Colour B – Green
Turning ch 1 = 1st sc
Turning ch 3 = 1st dc
Repeats are between * *
1. The beginning string of chs should be as long as you want the scarf to be and loosely done

2. Number of chs should be multiple of 5.

The Pattern

Crochet loosely a long string of chains (in multiple of 5 +1) in Colour A , keeping a 4″ long tail in the beginning (this will be part of the fringe ). You may even use a hook a size thicker to crochet the initial string of chains, this would ensure the chs are not too tight. Switch over to the required hook when you start first row.

1st Row – sc in the second ch from hook, sc in each ch till last ch, ch 1 (this is the first sc of the next row), turn.

2nd Row – sc in the next 4 sc, *dc in next 5 sc, sc in next 5 sc* till last sc, fasten off with a 4” tail. Turn.

3rd Row – Join Colour B, keeping a 4” tail.

If the previous row has ended with sc this row will begin with dc and vice versa.
Say the 2nd row has ended with sc:-

Ch 3, dc in next and following 3 sc ( makes your 5 dc in a row), *sc in each of the 5 dc of previous row, dc in each of the 5 sc of the previous row* till last st, fasten off with a 4” tail. Turn.

( In case the previous row had ended with 5 dcs, this row for you would be :-

Ch 1, sc in next dc and following 3 dcs (makes your 5 sc in a row) * dc in each of the 5 sc of previous row, sc in each of the 5 dc of previous row* till last st, fasten off with a 4” tail. Turn.)

4th Row – Join Colour A, keeping a 4” tail.

Repeat 3rd Row.

Repeat 3rd and 4th Rows, till you achieve the desired width.
Do not fasten off . Turn.

Last Row – Ch I , sc in next st and each of the following sts till end. Fasten off with 4” tail.

Add Fringe
Cut 8.5” long strands both in colours A and B. You can mix the colours and add fringe at appropriate gaps at the ends or can make tufts of alternate colours. I did the latter. While adding fringe take in the tails as part of the fringe.
Your Colour Wave Reversible Scarf is ready to be worn!!

“Well, the colours do not look so bad, once it’s done!! Can you make one for me in the same colours??” said my daughter.

This pattern was tested and corrections suggested in the write-up by my dear friend JoAnn (
You may like to see her beautiful scarf here :-

New Scarf Pattern by Sanhita

Pl. give me a link to your FO, if you happen to make it. I would love to see how it looks when done in other colours!!

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