Coloring, Crochet, and Creation with Mandalas

When the phenomenon of coloring books for adults began, I was absolutely thrilled. I have fond memories of spending many hours at the kitchen table with my sister as a child, furiously coloring all over princesses, dragons, race cars, and dinosaurs. As an adult, of course, I tend to color in the lines at least a bit more. And yet, the pure enjoyment that comes from picking up my colored pencils remains as strong as it did when I was a kid.

manadala coloring books crochet

The Mandala Coloring Book brings that same profound enjoyment to me. This coloring book combines the meditative nature of mandalas with crochet and coloring—three times as much relaxation! I easily lost myself in coloring in several of these designs over the past few weekends, letting my brain relax while my hands did all the work. The circular nature of the designs lends itself well to exploring different color combinations, which is an enormous boon to stitchers who want to work with color.

mandala coloring book crochet

In addition to being beautiful coloring pages, some of the mandalas can translate easily to crochet design inspiration. Our intrepid project editor, Susanna Tobias, sourced the designs from crochet stitch patterns before designer Kerry Jackson arranged them into the designs contained within. There are twenty-one mandala designs to choose from, and the possibilities are endless.

You can check out one of the free designs and see for yourself!

Happy Stitching!

Check out more colorful crochet below!

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