Hook and Learn: A Feast for Your Color Pooling Eyes

We noticed something about you. You enjoy our color pooling posts. You especially like our instructions on which yarns to use for this captivating technique, which leads us to believe that you crocheters out there are really color pooling. Is this true? We certainly hope so, but if you’ve been too scared to give it a go, we are here to help!

In keeping with our mission to provide you with the best inspiration and information on your craft, we’ve got links to the whole shebang here in one handy post. Bookmark this blog, and come back again and again to review the finer points of this technique. And to truly embed your hook and get the most, be sure and cue up our courses – Color Pooling Crochet: Argyle & Zigzag Patterns, and Further Explorations in Color Pooling Crochet: Stripes, Braids, and More.

Leave your fears behind – let’s get started!


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Yarns that Color Pool the Argyle Print

Your favorite post on this topic just happens to be a primer on how to select the proper yarn for color pooling. All the details are here. Arrive at your yarn-buying destination knowing exactly what you need.

color pooling

Click on the photo and get into some argyle!

Color Pooling 101: Argyle Print

Author, crocheter and weaver Deborah Bagley lays it out for you in five rules. And her approach is realistic, “Here’s what I’ve learned so far: you will either get it right away (hallelujah), or there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth.” No sugar coating the color pooling, people. But her rules are sound and will get you started without fear.

colorpooling zig zag

Click on the photo and learn to zigzag!

Color Pooling 102: Zigzag

Deborah encourages you to go from argyle to zigzag. Why? Well, why not? If you have mastered that all-important tension and want to propel yourself past argyle, get into the zigzag groove and make it happen!

Click on the image to read all about crocheting wider projects in argyle.

Color Pooling 103: Crocheting Wider Projects in Argyle

“If you’re like me, you’ve crocheted argyle and zigzag scarves and wonder what else can be done with this print besides scarves.” This is about to get interesting, crocheters. What better time than now to grow those skills beyond the practice scarf? Forget about what’s in your bag at the Farmer’s Market – everyone around you will wonder where you got that bag!

Color Pooling 104: Argyle in the Round

So you want to try this color pooling thing in the round. Deborah has already given this some thought and she has got your crochet back. Take one more step toward getting the hang of this trendy technique.

color pooling

Ready to take on stripes? Get that hook moving!

Color Pooling 105: Stripes

Deborah’s inspiration for this particular post is based on a mistake. That’s right. Even an expert in crochet has trial and error moments. But she learned from her glitch and came up with a way to color pool stripes. Talk about making lemonade out of lemons!

color pooling

Break into other stitch patterns. Your hook is about to blow up!

Color Pooling 106: Other Stitches and Stitch Patterns that Pool

Alright. So you’ve done the argyle. You’ve delved into stripes. What next? The instructions here will allow you to apply this method to your own stitch pattern… if you dare!

Master Color Pooling Crochet in a Weekend!

This particular blog rolls out Deborah’s courses on argyle, zigzag stripes, and braid patterns. So you’ve got the right yarn, you’ve got the blog series – and now you have two courses to rely upon! What exactly is stopping you from trying this amazing technique?

Find author Deborah Bagley’s Ravelry page here.

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