Tame Your Skein with Color Pooling Crochet

Ever bought a lovely-gorgeous-juicy-fancy skein of multicolored yarn, only to realize it looks like clown barf when you actually crochet with it? What if you could discipline those unsightly blobs of color? What if you could tame the skein and make the colors do things you wanted them to do? That is the fiendish strategy behind Deborah Bagley’s online workshops Color Pooling Crochet: Argyle & Zigzag Patterns and Further Exploration in Color Pooling Crochet.

color pooling crochet

From barf to beauty.

If you are interested in color pooling, you may have read Deborah’s blogs, in which she takes color pooling techniques and pushes them beyond anything you’ve seen. You know about argyle patterns, but what about zigzags? Textured and braided stripes? Shell hearts? Stuff that doesn’t really have a name???

Raw materials.

In these workshops, Deborah shows you how to be your own Yarn Boss, examining a number of yarn brands and colorways and showing you how to figure out what will work and what won’t. Next she works up a base chain and demonstrates how to shift and stack your stitches into something that is both pretty and pretty remarkable. She also demonstrates how to add some texture by working in the front or back loop, add some chains to create a neat braid, or work your patterns in the round for some lovely pillows. And she throws a few free patterns in the mix!

Free pillow pattern! Wouldn’t this look lovely on your couch?

If you find yourself in a bit of a crochet rut, I heartily encourage you to check out both of Deborah’s workshops and discover the possibilities contained in a single skein.

Happy watching!

More color pooling crochet can be found in the store!


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  1. Anonymous at 3:31 pm July 19, 2018

    Clown barf–the perfect description. What a jolly laugh this gave me!

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