Color Pooling Crochet: You Made Your Yarn Do WHAT?

I confess I’m not a fan of variegated yarn. To many crocheters, that’s the equivalent of saying, “I hate avocados” or “I like to torture puppies,” and reactions are a similar mix of disbelief and outrage. Here’s the thing, though: no matter how beautiful it looks in the skein, variegated yarn makes giant puddles and blobs and faux-camo mayhem when you use it. It’s untidy and undisciplined and ugly, IMO. I expect a lot of unhappy comments from readers, but I’m sticking to my opinion.

crochet color pooling


But, but, but.

What if you could tame those untidy blobs and make them more disciplined? Like, actually control the color changes? Like, make the colors do things you wanted them to do? That is the fiendish strategy behind our newest online course Color Pooling Crochet: Argyle & Zigzag Patterns with Deborah Bagley. If you are interested in color pooling, you may have read Deborah’s blogs on the subject (and if you haven’t you really should). She takes color pooling crochet techniques and pushes them beyond what I’ve seen elsewhere. Argyle patterns are the rage now, but what about zigzags? Argyle granny clusters? Argyle-in-the-round? Suddenly, I’m rethinking my unkind thoughts.

color pooling crochet


Managing the yarn in color pooling is a tricky thing, and Deborah tells you what to look for in a number of familiar yarns brands and colorways. Once you have your yarn, she then shows you a few different ways to make your foundation chain. Then you get to work! The argyle technique relies as much on patience as it does on stitchwork, so it’s probably not the best project when you are binge-watching Netflix. The brag-worthy results are well worth a bit of extra concentration, though.

To help you with your color calculation, the course includes a few handy-dandy charts and points you to some cool online resources as well. And once you’re up and running, practice away with 2 free patterns.

color pooling crochet

Wouldn’t this look lovely on your couch?

Color Pooling Crochet: Argyle & Zigzag patterns is a new streamable course you can watch at your own pace, anywhere, any time, on any device.

Happy watching!

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