Further Adventures in Color Pooling Crochet

You may have missed this trend in the whirl of holiday prep and making last-minute gifts, but we’re very excited about color pooling crochet here. Now, maybe you are already familiar with the argyle pattern and its cousin the zigzag. But did you know you can take color pooling even further? Deborah Bagley is the mastermind behind color pooling crochet at Interweave. Her newest course, Further Explorations in Color Pooling Crochet: Stripes, Braids, & More really pushes some boundaries.

Stripes may seem a no-brainer after mastering argyle’s sneaky shifting pattern, but getting your stitches to stack perfectly, in the color order and width you want, is trickier than it seems. The payoff is big, though, as you can work a single colorway in multiple fashions to suit your fancy.

color pooling crochet

Stripes every which way . . . plus a zebra.

Want to get clever? Work a striped scarf in the front loop or back loop only. The exaggerated texture will both play up the color shifts AND create an optical illusion effect.

Double your fun with stripes by working in the back loop only.

Stripes are only the beginning, though. One you start stacking, take things further by mixing your stitches and making all kinds of fun textures. Work some chains between your sc or dc stripes, and then make a braided cable. Or take the plunge and work some split-shell hearts for a truly brag-worthy scarf or cowl.

This begs to be a cuddly cowl.

Selecting the yarn for color pooling is always a tricky thing, and Deborah reviews what to look for in a number of familiar yarns brands and colorways. Once you’ve chosen your yarn(s), work a foundation chain and see what happens. A good rule of thumb: the length of your shortest color largely determines what stitches you can use, but once you start working, it’s more of a guideline than a rule. Deborah also gives you several charts to help with your color planning, depending on how many colors show up in a repeat and how you want them to play together. After that, the sky’s the limit, as Deborah encourages you to experiment with a variety of stitches.

If you find yourself in a bit of a crochet rut, I heartily encourage you to check out both of Deborah’s courses and discover the possibilities in a single skein.

Further Explorations in Color Pooling Crochet: Stripes, Braids, & More is a new streamable course you can watch at your own pace, anywhere, any time, on any device.

Happy watching!

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