Color Combos for the Berry and Pine Crochet Afghan Pattern

I won’t lie. I had Christmas in mind when I was picking out the yarn colors for the Berry and Pine Afghan. (Plus, the red, green, and neutral looked great with the rest of the projects from Interweave Crochet Winter 2019!) But now that Christmas is over, you might want to make this crochet afghan pattern in a different set of colors so you can enjoy its warmth for the rest of the winter season. Here are some color combinations in the Paintbox Wool Mix Aran (affiliate link) that you are guaranteed to love! LoveKnitting even has new kits available (affiliate link) in two of these alternate color combinations.

Berry and Pine Afghan from Interweave Crochet Winter 2019 | Credit: Harper Point Photography

1. Sugar Plum Fairy

The designer for this afghan, Melinda Miller, originally submitted the swatch for this crochet afghan pattern in a series of purple colors inspired by the Sugar Plum Fairy from The Nutcracker. If you’re still having dreams of sugar plums, try this lovely purple combo with Dark Aubergine, Dusty Lilac, and Dusty Rose.

Credit: LoveKnitting

2. Frosty Blue

Shades of blue make me think of frozen winter lakes, snowy drives, and lots of icicles. If you, too, are on the hunt for a crochet afghan pattern that evokes these feelings, try making this afghan in Washed Teal, Kingfisher Blue, and Sailor Blue.

Credit: LoveKnitting

3. Shades of Gray

You might not be looking forward to the gray skies outside, but shades of gray in your home can compliment almost any home décor. If you’re hoping to keep your crochet home in a neutral-color palette, try this afghan in Stormy Grey, Slate Grey, and Granite Grey.

Credit: LoveKnitting

4. Pop of Color

Each home is unique. Try making this crochet afghan pattern with Pure Black for the edging, Champagne White for the background, and bobble stitches in a bright pop of your favorite color! I would choose Vintage Pink.

Credit: LoveKnitting

5. Preparing for Spring!

Maybe you want to use this crochet afghan pattern to escape this winter! If you’re in the mood to bring on the bright colors in preparation for spring, try the afghan in Pistachio Green, Buttercup Yellow, and Pillar Red.

Credit: LoveKnitting

Do you have a different color combination in mind? Grab an I/9 (5.5 mm) hook and then check out all the colors available from Paintbox Yarns (affiliate links). Let us know the colors you choose in the comments below and share your pictures on Ravelry!

Happy stitching!

(Featured Image Credit: Harper Point Photography)

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