Cloud 9 Slippers


Dearest Debi


The outside soles of these slippers are made using Phentex Craft and Slipper yarn. While this is a great yarn for soles due to its strength, colourfastness and its resistance to staining, mildew, abrasion, and sunlight.

The inside soles are made with Bernat Pipsqueak yarn so they are like walking on cloud 9.

Finished Size

  • Extra Small 5/6 (22.8-23.1 cm)
  • Small Ladies 6/7 (23.5-24.1 cm)
  • Medium Ladies 7/8 (24.5-24.8 cm)
  • Large Ladies 8/9 (25.1-25.4 cm)
  • Extra Large 9/10 (25.4-25.7 cm)

The Pattern

Complete pattern instructions available HERE

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