Cloche Encounters

We know folks are tucking into making the Zelda Cloche by Brenda K B Anderson (you'll find it in the Spring 2014 issue of Interweave Crochet.) This super stylish cloche whips up in no time, so you'll be able to wear it this week!

Here are some pro tips for an excellent crochet experience while crocheting this hat.

Decide what size you're making. Highlight all the numbers (rows, stitch counts, etc) that pertain to this size. You may prefer to photocopy the pattern before marking it up.

ALSO: Take note of Rows 17-18 (21-22) circled in blue there — these should be in bold (we apologize for the oversight). Highlight them so you don't miss them.

Mark the first stitch of each row. The sc blo tends to curl a bit at the ends and it's easy to miss this stitch on the next row.

When the pattern tells you to divide the hat into thirds, it looks like this. (you can also count in 22 st from each end)

(See how the hat seems to be brown and green? It's totally not. I really can't explain that.)

(The hat is purple, blue, and green.)

When you're done with the main portion, the hat will look big and floppy and have a funky little opening. This is as it should be. The brim will draw it in and that little hole will be closed up at the end.




When you're working in the row-ends for the brim, go under two strands (not one).
This is how you sneak up the back of the brim to get to the funny hole.
Sew the hole by inserting the needle under the blo of the stitches.

Ta da! This yarn is some Freia Ombre Sport Weight that I had sitting around dreaming of becoming a thing. And this thing is very becoming, yes?


It takes just under one ball to make a hat, and it comes in lots of swanky colors.

I can't wait to see your Zelda! You can share a photo in the member photo gallery or send us a snapshot at

Happy crocheting!


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