Classic Songs to Pair with Our Midsummer Maritime Crochet Patterns

Sometimes images just instantly transport you to another time and place. When I first looked through the Midsummer Maritime gallery in Interweave Crochet Summer 2018, my mind immediately left my office in cold and dreary Colorado (it was March) and took me to the French Riviera in July. I’ve never actually been there, but that didn’t matter: these crochet patterns made me feel the warmth of the sun on my shoulders, the gentle sea breeze on my face, and the sand underneath my feet.

They also made me hear music. As I flipped through the pages, different songs popped into my head for each project, and they completed my mental images of a perfect sun-kissed day on the French Riviera. If you need a little mental vacation, scroll through this list, turn on these songs, flip through the Midsummer Maritime gallery, and get carried away.

summer crochet patterns

Coastal Tunic | The Girl from Ipanema

A classic beach song (even though it’s about Brazil)! Just like the girl from Ipanema, you’d certainly turn heads at the shore in this stunning tunic.

summer crochet patterns

Aquatic Swimsuit | La Mer

Nothing says French Riviera to me like this Charles Trenet tune. This swimsuit is exactly what I want to wear while enjoying a day by la mer.

summer crochet patterns

Seafaring Shorts | That Man

This song is fun and funky—just like these shorts! My favorite project from the issue pairs perfectly with this upbeat song that’s great for cruising along the coast in your vintage convertible.

crochet patterns for summer

Saltwater Top | La Foule

Get in touch with your French side with help from Edith Piaf! Wear this lovely top to get your morning coffee and pastry at your favorite seaside cafe.

summer crochet patterns

Cruising Wrap | I Cover the Waterfront

Take Lady Day with you as you stroll along the waterfront and watch the sea in this beautiful wrap.

summer crochet patterns for your warm weather adventures

Sailorly Tote | Ou Est Ma Tet?

I lost my head over this fabulous tote when I saw it! It’s large enough to carry everything you need for a day at the beach and stylish enough to take to town if you decide to go straight from sand to supper.

summer crochet patterns from Interweave Crochet Summer 2018

Going Ashore Shawl | It Might As Well Be Spring

I love this shawl! It’s just the thing I want to wear while I’m slowly cruising along the coast on my yacht (I might have unreasonable expectations for my fantasy French Riviera vacation).

fun summer crochet patterns

Heart of the Sea | Si tu n’etais pas la

Give one of these cheerful hearts to your love as you walk hand in hand down the shore.

Interweave Crochet Summer 2018 crochet patterns

Pelagic Cover-Up | La Madrague

Take a leisurely walk down to the beach from your villa (we can dream, right?) in this intricate cover-up, then spread it on the sand and soak in the sunshine while this mellow tune plays in your head.

I hope these songs and projects have transported you to the coast of France! Crochet one of these designs to bring a bit of that mellow seaside feeling to your summer every day.

Happy stitching!

It’s an Interweave Crochet kind of summer!

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