It’s a wrap! Introducing Classic Crochet Shawls

I am an equal opportunity crocheter and knitter—I love them both. When it comes to shawls, I’m historically more of a knitter, but while editing Interweave Presents: Classic Crochet Shawls I developed an unavoidable hankering to hook up some crochet shawls.

Dare I say shawls are the perfect small project? Whether it’s as simple as making your first crochet shawl or experimenting with some fancy hook work, all you need is a little yarn and time. And I mean “little”—quick to stitch and requiring small quantities of yarn compared to some other projects (I’m looking at you, afghans), a shawl is unintimidating, satisfying, and practical.

The shawls in Classic Crochet Shawls represent something for every skill level and taste. And as the title promises, the projects are quite literally classics in a range of styles, from traditional to contemporary.

It’s difficult to identify favorites from a literal best-of collection, but here are a few standouts:

crochet shawls

(Eolande left, Dover right)


What a showstopper! I admit the diminutive size of this shawl does little to squelch the feelings of intimidation it gives me. But I am intrigued by its intricacy—those tiny stitches and lace motifs, with the added sparkle of a beaded edge. It’s simply gorgeous.


This shawl is so unfussy and appealing. I love the repetitive openwork pattern that would complement any outfit, any time. Wear it draped over your shoulders as a light layer or bunched and wrapped around your neck for more warmth—either way, this crochet shawl makes a great layering piece for spring and summer.

crochet shawls


The unusual shape of this shawl makes it especially captivating. Mostly made up of half-double and double crochet stitches, and featuring a simple striping pattern, it’s a relatively easy project for such striking results.

With summer and its weddings and outdoor parties right around the corner, doesn’t an airy shawl seem like just the thing to stitch up for the season? Are there any crochet shawl projects calling to you?

—Maya Elson
Content Editor, Interweave Books

Get Your Hook Moving with Classic Crochet Shawls


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