Chunky Mittens


This pattern was born out a) an urge to make mittens and b) an even greater urge to use Deborah Norville Serenity Chunky-Weight yarn (SO SOFT). I’d tried to make mittens before, and the decreases at the top always kicked my butt. I was making my first ever sock when it hit me: why not use the toe/heel decrease instead of decreasing around?!

And thus, for your viewing pleasure, the Chunky Mittens were born. These make great liners, and would probably be rad if you made them a bit big then felted them! (I haven’t tried this yet, but if you do and it works, tell me!)

(Note: I mentally referenced Julia’s Basic Fingerless Mittens pattern for the hands of my mittens, and the finger decreases were, in fact, inspired by the In Your Shoes Ankle Socks. Yes, it’s a convoluted train of thought, but it worked, right? Also, this pattern hasn’t been tested, and it’s my first posted pattern. If you note a mistake, or if something doesn’t make sense, feel free to point it out…NICELY.)

Materials List

-1 Skein Deborah Norville Chunky Weight Yarn (100 % acrylic, 100 grams, 109 yds (100 m) per skein) (I used Red Orche, but any color will do)
-Size 6.50 (K-10) hook (You might want to use a 6.00 or smaller depending on the yarn type or how tight your sts end up being…)
-Measuring tape
-Yarn needle

-Safety pins or stitch markers

Really, any yarn and hook will work for this pattern, those are just the sizes/yarn types I used.

Finished Size



Not important for this pattern, since you’ll be using your own hand measurements.


-All sc are worked in the front loop only unless otherwise noted.

-All rounds are worked in a spiral.

The Pattern

First, you need to make some measurements so the mittens fit.

Measurement V: The circumference of your wrist at its thinnest.
Measurement W: The height of your hand from where the wrist joins the hand to where the bottom of your thumb joins your hand (about 1/3 of your hand)
Measurement X: The height of your hand from where the wrist joins the hand to the tip of your pinkie (about 4/5 of your hand).
Measurement Y: The height of your hand from where the wrist joins the hand to the tip of your middle finger (aka the height of your hand).

Measurement Z: The length of your thumb.

Write all these down so you can refer back to them later.

Mittens (Make Two):



Ch 13 (or desired cuff length + 1)

Row One: Sc in 2nd ch from hk and each ch across (12 sc).

Row Two: Sc in the back loop of each ch across.

Repeat row 2 until cuff measurement = measurement V (wrist).

Sl st short ends of cuff together. DO NOT TURN CUFF INSIDE OUT.

Mitten Body:

Round One: Sc around edge of cuff (you start working flo in this row). Mark the first sc made, this will become the first st of each round.

Round Two: 2 sc in first sc, sc around.

Repeat round 2 until the mitten body (the mitten minus the cuff) measurement = measurement W (hand joins wrist to bottom of thumb joins hand). In last rnd, sk last sc.

Thumb Hole:

(You should be 1 st away from completing a round)

Ch 3, sk the next four sts (including marked st and 2 sts past it), sc in the 5th st from ch. Move st marker to this sc—this is the new rnd beginning.

(NOTE: You may have to adjust this section depending on how big your thumb is. If you need a bigger or smaller thumb hole then follow these steps:

1.Determine how many chs you need to cross where your thumb joins your hand (closer to the top).
2.Add 1 to this number, then divide it by two (for instance, in my glove, I chained 3, so I would add 1 to get four and divide by 2 to get 2)

3.Sk that number of sts on one side of the st marker and the same number of sts on the other side, but including the st marker (so the 1 st plus the marked st = 2, and then I skipped 2 sts on the other side of the marker).

I hope this makes sense.)

Resume Mitten Body:

-Sc in each st around.

Repeat this row until the mitten body’s measurement = measurement x (hand joins wrist to tip of pinkie).

Finger decreases:

-Lie mitten flat and determine where the two ends of each half are. Sc to those st, then dec across that st and the next st as you would when making the toe decreases on a sock.

Repeat this step until mitten body’s measurement = measurement y (height of hand), then repeat it one more time to ensure the hand is long enough.

Fasten off, leaving a long-ish tail.

Using this tail, mattress or whip stitch the top of the mitten closed.


Attach the yarn at the thumb hole.

Round One: Sc around thumb hole

Round Two: Sc in each sc around.

Repeat round two until thumb measurement = measurement z (the length of the thumb) (NOTE: you may have to dec 1 st in one of the early rounds to make sure the thumb isn’t loose). Sc around once more to ensure the thumb is long enough. Fasten off, leaving a medium-ish tail.

Using this tail, mattress or whip stitch the top of the thumb closed.


Weave in ends, turn mitten inside-out and wear!

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