Choose Your Own Crochet Adventure

When I was young, choose your own adventure novels were very popular. I admit I read several, but I never really fell in love with the genre. I died a lot. But I might have gotten hooked if there had been yarn involved.

Crochet projects are a lot like choose your own adventure novels. First you pick the pattern, then the yarn, and each step takes you down a different path from your fellow crocheters. You create a unique and beautiful piece that is all your own-plus you never find yourself falling into a pool of lava or being eaten by crocodiles.

Let's create our own crochet create your own adventure. First question: do you want a project that is perfect for wearing out or staying in?


Going Out

If you are looking for the perfect accessory for going out, the Rapunzel Scarf is the perfect option. This quick and easy accessory is worked with the yarn held double. Long strips of crochet are braided into a thick plait that is both warm and fashionable. You will learn how to create foundation stitches and discover a beautiful five strand braid.


Now you have to make your second choice; do you prefer Fuchsia, Goldenrod, or Caribbean? I would choose Caribbean. I love the bright blue shade! And it's the perfect eye-popping color for a white winter day.

And now the final and most difficult choice, will your finished project be a gift or will it find its way into your closet, waiting to accompany you on your next adventure.



Staying In

If you are dreaming of a comfortable chair, a great movie, and your crochet hook, the Ella Slippers are your choice. Cozy traditional granny squares are worked in cotton before being joined to create a pair of light slippers that will mold to your feet and feel wonderful!


Now you have two options to choose between. Will you crochet a pair of slippers in soothing blues with a pop of green or choose the colors used for the sample. The pinks and gold make an elegant combination.

And now we are to that final decision. Can you give up these beautiful slippers as a gift or will they find their final home on your own feet.

Where will your choose your own adventure start? Order the Ella Slipper Kit or Rapunzel Scarf and take the first step on your next crochet quest.

Best wishes,

P.S. Choose the first step on your adventure and vote in the comments for project you would make.

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