Chiyo the Imaginative Mouse – Amigurumi Calendar Contestant

Amigurumi-Chiyo-The-Imaginative-Mouse Amigurumi-Chiyo-The-Imaginative-Mouse2

My name is Chiyo. I am proud to say that I am a baby girl now. My mama says that I am born out of the pure spirit of a fairy mouse as I am so light. She says that I can fly like them. But how can I? I don’t have wings.

I hear grown-ups say that baby mice don’t think. (Giggles!) They don’t know my mind.

Psst! Psst! I am on a secret mission! To fly to my friends in the fairy land. So, what, if I don’t have wings? Balloons don’t have wings either, but they fly. Let me ask them and see if they can help me. Will you tell me how to fly, oh dear balloons?

Download crochet patterns for the Amigurumi Calendar project winners here.

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