Childs headband




I made this for a childs (age 9) this headband pattern can be made to fit an adult.I am new here and look forward to all your great ideas to crochet.

Materials List

I used wool but you can use any type of yarn
size G hook for headband E-hook for flower
tapestry needle to sew together

beads if you want to put on not necessary

Finished Size





You can make as long as you want just keep going with pattern or if you want a wider wave in headband just keep increasing and decreasing in pattern. Decorate as you wish and have fun creating your own look!!

When you start increasing you can stay at the 3rd or 4th incresse to the lenght you want then start decreasing to make a thicker headband the thin part would go behind your head.

The Pattern

To make headband chain 4 then single st in 2nd st from hook
row s 1-5 ss in all stitches to end chain 1 turn
row s 6-8 to increase 2 ss in first stitch then single stitch to the end chain 1 turn
row s 9-11 decrease by slip stitch first 2 stiches with single stitch to end chain 1 turn
rows 12-17 Repeat rows 1-5
row s 18-21 Repeat rows 6-8
rows 22-24 Repeat rows 9-11
rows 25-30 Repeat rows 1-5
rows 31-33 Repeat rows 6-8
rows 34-36 Repeat rows 9-11
rows 37-41 Repeat rows 1-5
rows 42-44 Repeat rows 6-8
rows 45-47 Repeat rows 9-11
rows 48-55 Repeat rows 1-5 and add 3 more for a total of 8 rows
Single stitch evenly around the whole headband then

Leave on a tail so you can stitch the headband together.

To make a flower with a E hook chain 5 ss together to make a circle 12 single stitches in circle
change colors then chain 9 ss to next stitch to make petal do this all around to make flower

I put on beads and attached to headband.

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