Chewing the end of the proverbial pencil

Working from home, really, when was the last time I was showered and out of the house at 9am when I didn't have a doctor's appointment or a date with the car mechanic? I can't remember.

But today I have a deadline. The kind of deadline you daydream about as a keen high school student while you stare at the clock in math class and wonder where you'll be in ten years (or 15). (Of course, I never really came up with anything during those daydreams, but if I could go back to my adolescence armed with a bit more self awareness and confidence, I bet at least some of my daydreams would have involved sitting in a cushy cafe chair with my new Mac on my lap, typing away at my own magazine column.)

What's that? You heard right, kids. I'm sitting here in my fave cafe with my Mac on my lap and I'm writing my first magazine column! Starting in February, you'll hear from me quarterly in Knit.1 in addition to all the blathering I do here in Crochet me.

I just couldn't keep this secret any longer. Now that it's out, I'd better get back to, you know, meeting my deadline. So then I won't have lied.

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