Chevron Lace Wrap


Tamara Kelly


Fend off the chill of overactive AC  and cool temps with this Chevron Lace Wrap! Made with fingering weight cotton it’s a not-too-warm shawl in the fall and spring, and a warm breathable scarf in the winter. Best of all it’s made with a memorable and easy two line repeat – so once you’ve got a few rows down, you can curl up on the couch with a movie or take it on the road! It took me about three weeks to finish it in between other projects, and I took it halfway across the country with me on vacation – all I needed was the cone of yarn and a hook. But simple as it is, it still looks interesting and so modern!

Materials List

  • US – H, 5.0 mm hook
  • 800 – 1000 yards of fingering weight cotton (shown: Article 984C, Honeysuckle Cotton)

Finished Size

As written, the finished size is 68″ long and 14″ wide. Want a narrower scarf or a wider shawl? Just add or subtract 20 stitches to the starting row! Using an H hook with fingering yarn makes for lots of drape and soft fabric, so if you bump up on the yarn thickness be sure to bump up the hook size too.


Special Stitch:
dc cluster – With loop from previous stitch still on hook, yo and insert hook into next st. Yo and pull loop through st, yo, pull through first two loops on hook. (2 loops remain on hook.) Yo, and skipping the next 3 sts, insert hook into the next st, yo, pull loop through st, yo, pull through two loops on hook. (3 loops now on hook.) Yo and pull through all 3 loops on hook to finish stitch.  (In other words, this is a dc2tog, skipping 3 sts between the two halves.)

The Pattern

For the full pattern instructions and lots more pictures, visit the Chevron Lace Wrap page at moogly today!

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