Chevron Cowl: The Final Row

I know most of you are not on the final row of your own Chevron Cowl. I was so excited about this project that I simply couldn't put it down, and I want to make sure that I stayed a step ahead so that I could answer any questions that you might run into.

Working the return pass of the last Tunisian simple stitch row  

After a total of forty rows, three stripes of orange and two stripes of brown, my cowl was 14 inches tall. It is amazing how quickly I reached the required height.

I have already had a question on the final row, so let me share a few tips I discovered. Working the single crochet bind off is very easy. Simply insert your hook and pull up a loop as you would for a normal Tunisian simple stitch. Instead of leaving this loop on the hook, yarn over and draw through two loops as you would for a normal single crochet. You will again only have one loop on your hook. Now move to the next bar and work a single crochet as before. You will fill in the "holes" between the stitches of the previous row and create a beautiful edge.

  Preparing to work the bind off row

You do not work this last row in pattern (with its yarn overs and decrease stitches) but work a single crochet in each bar and yarn over across. This will leave you with the correct number of stitches. It may soften the points of your chevron, but a little light blocking (even dry with just your fingers) will restore the chevron's shape.

When I worked the single crochet bind off row with the larger hook, I found that my stitches were too loose, ruffling the edge too much for my taste. So I worked this row with a size G (4 mm) hook. I worked the stitches loosely, and this gave me a tension similar to my foundation row.

Working the bind off row  

Next, weaving in loose ends and seaming. It's almost ready to wear! My next blog will be on seaming Tunisian, so if you have any questions please leave them in the comments.

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