Check Out a Whole Day of Crochet

I live in Eastern Time and work in Mountain Time. But really I work in three time zones: Past, present and future.

Along with the rest of the Crochet team, I help you enjoy past issues of Interweave Crochet, let you know about present Crochet Me goings-on, and work on developing great future issues and projects. It's really exhilarating and slightly confusing, but through it all, I think of all of you. Every day.

So I thought you might like a peek into my world. Here is my checklist for a day last week:

Past: Well, actually this is your present.

Present: Ocean Pearls Cardigan Crochet-Along on Crochet Me

Future: Projects for Summer 2010

• Update spreadsheet. (I like to handle the most thrilling elements of the job first thing. I like to have a double-shot soy mocha while I do this.)

 • Congratulate a designer on her project acceptance for our Accessories special issue, due out this Fall. (That's a fun email!)

• Talk with our project editor Sarah Read about yarns for the Accessories issue. We ogle yarns for a while. (Tough work, I know)

• Final edits on feature articles for Summer. (They're looking good!)

• Check up on upcoming eBook. (Shhh! You don't know about that yet. But it's a good one!)

• Review cover for the Summer issue (Ooh la la is all I can say there!)

• Email with managing editor about picture options for Summer features. (Lots to choose from!)

• Get a coffee refill.

• Check out stitch diagrams for Summer issue. (More diagrams than ever in this next issue!)

• Send email to Laurie Wheeler, the founder of the Crochet Liberation Front, to check on the status of our engraved Flamie trophy for Best Crochet Magazine. (Shameless, I know)

• Chat with Assistant Editor Toni Rexroat about yarn for designers making squares for the Chain Reaction Afghan Project. (Fall issue – back to the future)

• Hop over to Crochet Me to check out the latest reader-submitted designs in the contest. (Can't wait to see your design!)

• Take a quick look at our Crochet Me Facebook page. (Good place to get a quick look at what's going on in our world)

• Check out Crochet Me and Ravelry to see who's creating what from the Spring issue. (The cover sweater by Doris Chan is pretty popular! I love the variations in color and tweaks to individualize the sweater)

• Review submissions for the Winter issue (I told you we work in the future! There are some good-looking submissions!)

• Crochet a few rows of the Ocean Pearls Cardigan for Crochet Me's First Official Crochet-Along. Post a comment to the forum on Crochet Me with a tip about the shaping portion. Crochet the foundation row for my daughter's version of this sweater (I know—crazy trying to do two sweaters in this Crochet-Along! But I'm doing a variation and I thought you'd like to see it.)

• Go for a walk with the doggie and talk to her about this enewsletter. She is very supportive, as little doggies are.

That's my day of crochet! I'd love to hear how you hooked crochet into your day!


p.s. For tips on some projects in the Spring 2010 issue, check out Toni's blog on Crochet Me this week.

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