Craft it Forward: Jelly Buddies 4 Mandy

We coo and ahh with the birth of each newborn baby, and our hearts swell for preemies who struggle to survive. Pediatric neurologists experience the joys and heartaches of these struggles firsthand with the birth of each preemie in their care. Dr. Mandy Harris was one such devoted doctor who is credited with saving the lives of 700 preemies at Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health. She died earlier this year from complications of type 1 diabetes.

Dr. Harris’ family, friends, and coworkers are paying tribute to her and supporting parents of preemies with hand knit and crocheted jellyfish as part of their Jelly Buddies 4 Mandy campaign. They invite others to join them in their goal to gift 700 of these unstuffed toys to preemies.

The campaign started out as part of the Octopus for a Preemie program but Dr. Harris’ friends changed the animal to jellyfish when they determined that the toys, which must be made without stuffing, looked more like jellyfish than octopi.

About Jelly Buddies 4 Mandy

According to its Facebook page, “Jelly Buddies is a project created to provide preemies with a special gift and a way to honor Dr. Mandy Harris. Our goal is to create 700 (and more) jellyfish to pay tribute to the 700 babies estimated to have been saved by Dr. Harris.”

About the Jellyfish Pattern

The group provides both a knit and crochet pattern for the jellyfish. There are specific requirements for the yarn as well as the size of the projects—for instance, the jelly buddies cannot be stuffed and the tentacles cannot be longer than 8 inches when stretched—so check their Facebook page prior to stitching your jellyfish.

Learn more at the Jelly Buddies 4 Mandy Facebook page.

Crafting for Charity

Want to crochet and knit for more charities, but not sure where to start? Check out Deb Gerish’s post Yarn for the Giving: Charity Knitting and Crochet for more information.

Love of Crochet Summer 2017 highlights a crochet group in northern Colorado that crochets for several charity organizations and includes a pattern for an Americana lapghan the group donated to a hospice for veterans. This issue includes 18 other summer patterns, including one for a jellyfish and one for a starfish.


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