Charity Crochet Donations: Give a Little Love

The holiday season is upon us! Beyond the turkey and stuffing, the pies and time with family, this is the season when we stop to express our gratitude for and remember the good things in our life. It’s also a time when many of us start looking for opportunities to donate crocheted items. This is a great way to share your love for crochet and to help those around you. But you may be asking how to get started with charity crochet donations. Here is some advice to help you get started.

With a few phone calls, you can often find a local charity. Try calling the local cancer center, pet shelter, or homeless or domestic abuse center. Beyond local charities, a quick search online produces donation opportunities for babies, military personnel, shelters, low-income areas, foster care, addiction centers, cancer centers, bird sanctuaries and many more.

crochet scarf scarves

Crochet scarves clockwise from top left: Obion Scarf, Chevron Scarf, St Croix Scarf, and Swank Scarf and Cap Set.

I’ll let you choose the charity or donation opportunity that calls to you; there are too many of them to list here. Since each one has its own donation guidelines, you’ll want to consider the following.

Before You Donate: 5 Tips for Charity Crochet

  1. Ask first. If you are looking to donate to a local organization, contact them before you begin crocheting. Many places are thrilled to accept your handmade items, but some have specific guidelines or are not set up to accept or distribute your items.
  2. Follow the guidelines. Most established charities have set guidelines. Some charities have color specifications such as red or blue. Others might request that items be made in a specific fiber such as wool or alpaca for warmth or acrylic for ease of washing. Some have size restrictions.
  3. Care requirements. Even if a charity does not have written guidelines, keep your recipients in mind. Hand-wash blankets or mats are not reasonable for your local pet shelter, and wool can often be too scratchy for hats for a cancer charity.
  4. Add a tag. If you aren’t working to fiber specifications, include information on the materials in consideration of people who have issues, such as a wool allergy. Also include care instructions.
  5. Choosing a pattern. Keep in mind the purpose of your charity crochet donation. A hat for a homeless shelter will be much less effective for warmth if it is worked in a lace pattern, but you want to choose a pattern that you will enjoy crocheting. So if you enjoy lace patterns, perhaps use a lace pattern as an overlay for a more solid base pattern.

This year, share your gratitude and love for crochet. As you are crocheting hats or scarves for gifts, create an extra couple for a local, national, or international charity. Or combine your passion for dogs, cats, and other animals with your love for crochet by creating items for a pet sanctuary or shelter.

Happy crocheting,

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Crochet socks clockwise from top left: Rib and Fan SocksZig Zag Socks. and Honeycomb Socks.


Try these for charity crochet projects!

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