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. Crocheted Afghan

In March of this year, Kristin Omdahl and I sat down for 13 six-minute conversations about crochet, each one for a different episode of Knitting Daily TV.

In front of us were several people, a few bright lights, and one big honkin' camera (plus a second camera overhead). But  as we sat there, it was as if we were just talking to each other about an afghan project. We taught each other techniques, shared tips, discussed color combinations-all with the aim of taking twenty afghan square patterns and turning them into something extraordinary.

Last week, The Chain Reaction Afghan Project DVD arrived on my doorstep. All 13 of our conversations have been compiled in one DVD. I slid it into my computer and watched all 80 minutes nonstop.

And, now, you can do the same. Here are a few things we talked about:

Crocheted Afghan Square
  • The best way to start a Tunisian project
  • Using post stitches for a decorative effect
  • How to weave strips without them flying apart
  • How to work tapestry crochet flat
  • Turning a circle into a square
  • How (and why) to do the Tunisian reverse purl stitch
  • Using color to alter the look of the afghan squares
  • Making an afghan with two or three square patterns
  • Joining squares as you go
  • What to do if your squares end up different sizes

Crocheted Afghan Square

And there's plenty more, including a little insight into Kristin's baking skills and evidence regarding which of us is better at crocheting with our non-dominant hand.

Of course, you don't have to watch all 80 minutes nonstop. There's an option to select individual episodes and watch them one at a time. And if you want to pause to see just how to do that Tunisian cable or for a closer look at the layout of a four-motif afghan, you can do that, too.

All of the afghan square patterns plus the fun edging are also on the DVD, so you can download them to your desktop for easy reference or print them out.

And, for every afghan you make and donate, Interweave will make a donation to Warm-Up America. As you work on the Chain Reaction Afghan, you can join us in the crochet-along over on Crochet Me.

Crocheted Afghan Square .

Order your copy of The Chain Reaction Afghan Project Crochet-Along today and create your own extraordinary afghan.



P.S. These segments are also a part of Knitting Daily TV's Series 700, airing now on PBS. Check your local listings for times.



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