5 Projects from Celtic Cable Crochet to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

March is here, and with it comes St. Patrick’s Day. And maybe it’s just me, but the festive holiday feels like it’s getting a little out of hand. Don’t get me wrong, I probably won’t be turning up my nose to a green beer or two this year, but anyone who has been to a party store in recent years knows you can put a shamrock on just about anything these days. The day has basically become a green tornado full of novelty items that get used once and then thrown away. Go ahead and call me a party-pooper if you’d like, but all those mass-produced St. Patrick’s Day accessories have me feeling more than a little green.

So how can you celebrate the day in a more subtle and thoughtful way? By crocheting, of course! Instead of going for the tacky store-bought accessories this year, pay subtle homage to Irish and Celtic heritage with Celtic Cable Crochet. As you crochet a Celtic-inspired garment or accessory, you’ll learn more about the designs and motifs that are important to both cultures. Here are 5 of those patterns that would be perfect to crochet for St. Patrick’s Day.

1. Braids and Weaves Alpaca Hat

st. patrick's day with celtic cable crochet

This crochet cable stitch can be a bit challenging at first, but author Bonnie Barker offers tips and video tutorials on her website to help you along. You’ll have this chunky cabled hat whipped up in time for all of the March festivities

2. Fergus Shrug

st. patrick's day with celtic cable crochet

If you’ve never crocheted a garment, the Fergus Shrug is the perfect place to start! Horizontal cabling worked up in a blue-green yarn will add a touch of elegance to your St. Patrick’s Day attire.

3. Orlaith Robe Sweater

st. patrick's day with celtic cable crochet

Traveling cables and braids lightly adorn The Orlaithe (Irish for golden princess) Robe Sweater. This housecoat-esque sweater is the perfect crochet garment for a brisk morning parade.

4. Emerald Celtic Weave Infinity Scarf

st. patrick's day with celtic cable crochet

Consider the Emerald Celtic Weave Infinity Scarf your new go-to St. Patrick’s Day accessory. Avoid the dreaded pinches by crocheting this Celtic-inspired weave pattern in a lovely shade of emerald yarn.

5. Lavena Poncho

st. patrick's day with celtic cable crochet

The Irish name Lavena means joy, and crocheting and wearing this poncho will bring just that! Big chunky cables and braids add the perfect touch of Celtic inspiration to carry with you throughout the year.

As St. Patrick’s Day draws near, ready your hooks and learn more about Celtic and Irish heritage as you crochet. Thanks to Celtic Cable Crochet, you’ll have a beautiful Celtic-inspired crocheted garment or accessory you can wear and treasure throughout the year!

Happy Crocheting!

Find these and other crochet projects in Celtic Cable Crochet!

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