Celtic Cable Crochet for the Win!

Bonnie Barker Unravels Cables

I was perusing the new Interweave website a few days ago when I stumbled across an article from July 2016 about Bonnie Barker’s book Celtic Cable Crochet, an innovative book on crocheted cables. Reading the article inspired me to pull the book off of my shelf and pick out a few patterns I’d love to get my hooks on. Not only are the projects full of wonderfully designed cables, but the care that Bonnie takes to explain her techniques and instructions makes it feel like she’s working right beside me.

At the beginning of the book, Bonnie shares a few handy tips and tricks. Dana Bincer, associate editor of Love of Crochet, absolutely loves Bonnie’s technique of building two turning chains instead of three for a row of double crochet in order to make the edges of the fabric tighter and neater. Another wonderfully helpful part of the book is the stitch dictionary that walks through all the special stitch techniques needed to tackle the many cables found in the book.

Our Favorites

The crochet team and I picked out three of our favorite designs to share with you. Let’s check them out!

I just love the One Big Braid Scarf that Bonnie worked with super bulky Lion Brand Heartland Thick & Quick yarn. The front post and back post double crochet stitches that create the thick cable are fun challenges for advanced beginner to intermediate crocheters. Add a big adorable button and this project is ready to be styled as a scarf, wraparound, or a buttoned cowl.

cable crochet

The beautiful cover project of Celtic Cable Crochet.

Rachel Koon, managing editor, adores the Lavena Poncho, the gorgeous cover project for Celtic Cable Crochet. It captures the eye with its long lines of cabling. Bonnie uses three kinds of cabling to create the long rows of varied textures that make this poncho so visually interesting. Thick ribbing along the edges ties the look together.

The Tic-Tac-Tie Messenger Bag, an intermediate-level project with a sassy personality and a multitude of uses, is one of Dana’s favorites from the book. With alternating sections of weave and cable that create an interesting checkerboard look and a customizable strap length, this bag is fun to work and even more fun to tote around. Try making it with Bonnie’s choice of Ella Rae Phoenix—the 100 percent Egyptian cotton is ready for daily wear!

These three patterns are only the icing on the cake. Check out Celtic Cable Crochet to delve into more of Bonnie’s wonderful cabled patterns.


Celtic Crochet Cables

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