Cell Phone/ mp3 player Case


Allena Williams


This small case may not be exactly what you wanted to learn to Crochet for but it’s a great starting point. It’s wonderfully simple and a quick finish.(great project for those yarnlets)
Once you get these basics down you’ll be set and ready to go, and you can adjust the pattern for a larger purse for a young girl. The sky is the limit! Plus everyone and their mom has a cell phone cozy pattern, why resist it? Here’s mine, but with a flower.


Materials List

Small amount of WW yarn like Bernat super value.
H hook (5.0 mm)
Large eyed needle


Finished Size

about 2 1/2 inches wide by 5 1/2 inches long


not super important. use a WW yarn and a H hook


Ch = chain
SC= single crochet
DC= double crochet
HDC = half double crochet.
Sl st = slip stitch.

Chain 3 turning chain always counts as 1st DC in next row

The Pattern

Chain 11
Row 1 SC across Ch 1 turn (10 sts total)
Row 2 sc across Ch 1 turn
Row 3-5 repeat row 2
Row 6 sc across Ch 3 turn
Row 7 DC across. Ch 3 turn.
Row 8-9 repeat row 7
Row 10 DC across Ch 2 turn
Row 11 HDC across Ch 2 turn
Row 12 – 14 repeat row 11
Row 15 HDC across Ch 1 turn
Row 16 SC across Ch 1 turn
Row 17-19 repeat row 16
Row 20 SC across Ch 2 turn
Row 21 HDC across Ch 2 turn
Row 22-24 Repeat row 21
Row 25 HDC across Ch 3 turn
Row 26 DC across Ch 3 turn
Row 27-29 repeat row 26
Row 30 DC across Ch 2 turn
Row 31 HDC across Ch 1 turn
Row 32 SC across finish off.
Finishing : Fold strip In 3 so there is a shorter part to be used as the flap.

Join yarn to bottom of right side of the case. Going through both sides of the case SC up the side of the case. Continue up the flap put 3 SC in the corner and Sc across the top of the flap 3 SC in the corner and down the other side. Finish off and sew in ends. Attach button to top of case you can use the DC spaces as the button hole.

flowerOptional Flower
In contrasting color Ch 4 join with Sl st to form ring.
Round 1 Ch 1 Work 15 SC into ring. Join with Sl st to top of 1st sc. (15 SC)
Round 2 Ch 1 sc in same st.* Ch 3 Skip 2 stitches and SC into next SC. Repeat from * around joining with a slip stitch to first SC. (5 Ch 3 loops)

Round 3 Sl st to first Ch 3 loop. Ch 1 * (SC, 3 DC, SC) in same loop. Repeat from * around. Join with a Sl st to first SC finish off. Leaving Tail long enough to sew to bag.

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