Celebrate Love of Crochet’s 5th Birthday

Love of Crochet is 5 and we have some birthday surprises in store for you in the Fall 2017 issue.

First up, a giveaway! Enter to win a goodie bag full of yarn, hooks, and patterns between July 18, 2017 and October 31, 2017.

Second, you’ll love this issue’s Fun Finds if you’ve ever wanted a crochet-themed party.

Products include frosting molds of crochet motifs and an ugly sweater cookie cutter (and we provide a yummy sugar cookie recipe on page 6). Create a tasty gathering for your friends to help us celebrate turning 5!

Third, we’ve honored the patterns that you loved most over the years, in a special section—see what has gotten the most love on Ravelry.

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Crochet Fun and Games

New for the Fall 2017 issue is a department called Crochet Fun and Games. Crochet designer Deborah Bagley will have you in stitches with her delightful collection of jokes, trivia, and word search puzzle. Jump straight to the back page for some laughs or save it as a special treat for after you’ve browsed the rest of the magazine.

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3 Pattern Collections

We live for crochet patterns and this issue is brimming with fun designs by top designers Shannon Mullet-Bowlsby, Brenda K.B. Anderson, Natasha Robarge, and more.

  • Find warm wearables like sweaters and accessories for college students that you’ll love too in our Home for the Fall Break story.
  • Harvest of Stitches features scarves, a hat, mitts, and an afghan perfect for the cooler temperatures of Fall.
  • Crochet spooktacular patterns for the kids with the Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice story. Here you’ll find an adorable apple hat, jack-o-lantern trick-or-treat bags, and a giant spider with posable legs.

love of crochet

Special Features

This issue is packed with techniques to help you make the beautiful patterns. Read about the latest trends in yarn with Marly Bird’s column Bird’s Nest. Crochet a V-Stitch wrap with Sarah Read and check out 10 Ways to Style a Wrap with Shawl Pins on page 38. Learn how to modify patterns using crochet multiples and complete the worksheet on page 59 to make it super-easy to calculate your starting chains.

But wait, there’s more! Check out pin loom weaving with a great tutorial and resource guide. Don’t know what that is? It’s a quick and simple way to make a 4″ x 4″ square with just 8 yards of yarn! This is a great stash-busting craft that combines well with crochet, as shown in the adorable Li’l Punkin on page 65.

Also thrown in, just for fun, is a Crochet Survey for Men. Give this handy 1- page survey to all the guys in your life, and you’ll get a feel for what types of projects they’ll most appreciate. I wish I had this years ago! Better late than never, right?!

Get your Copy Today

You’re going to love this Fall 2017 issue of Love of Crochet. It has great new patterns (as you’ve come to love and expect from Love of Crochet) plus numerous articles that will entertain and inspire you for years to come.

Happy birthday, LOC!


Celebrate with Love of Crochet!


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