Carry Your Crochet With you Everywhere with a Crocheted Bag

We use them to carry delicacies from the market or to hold our latest crochet projects, as purses or carryalls—well, to tell the truth, we use them for just about everything. I'm talking about crocheted bags. These brilliant accessories are not only fun to crochet but are also the perfect canvas to showcase your crochet skills. And if you haven’t made one yet, let me recommend a few options to you.


Brenda's Basketweave Bag

I love the bright buttons on this classic bag! The basketweave pattern is created with front and back post double crochet stitches. Post stitches are worked around the posts of  a previous row, so they create a sturdy fabric that will hold up well as you carry your wallet, lunch, books, or other necessities. The wide shoulder strap distributes the weight across your shoulders as well as across the individual crochet stitches.


Hialeah Bag

Another bag I love is the Hialeah Bag. This join-as-you-go motif fabric is a bit lacy with definite open spaces through which your valuables could escape. This is where a sturdy fabric lining is essential. For those of us who love sewing, this is a fun opportunity to combine the two crafts.


Spring Market Bag

The combination of single crochet stitches and carried colors in the Spring Market Bag reinforce the fabric of this satchel. I love the colorwork designs you can create with tapestry crochet. And the versatile design invites multiple uses.


Beverly's Felted Tote

Felting is also a great way to create a solid bag fabric. The felted motifs of Beverly's Felted Tote create a sturdy 16½ by 18 inch bag perfect for a day at the farmer's market. The straps are also felted and securely stitched in place. If you are crocheting with the intention to felt, use an untreated animal fiber such as wool or alpaca.


There is a crocheted bag perfect for any need, from a small purse for your wallet and keys to a large bag to carry your groceries. These bags are just as fun to make as to carry. Check out more crocheted bags in the Crochet Me Shop and find your perfect carryall.

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