Carmen’s Jazz Scarf

I love Carmen's Jazz Scarf! At 101" long and 9 ½" wide, this scarf is unique—quite unlike anything in my growing scarf collection.

You could work fewer motifs, shortening the scarf, or work the motifs in a lighter weight yarn to decrease both the length and width. The end product would be a beautiful, funky scarf.

But part of Carmen's Jazz Scarf's appeal comes from its presence, created through both size and color.

I couldn't help trying this scarf on. It definitely works better worn with a coat. You can try wrapping the scarf around your neck multiple times, bundling the color around your face. Or wrap the scarf only once, allowing the bright colors to create a waterfall of color.

After I finish my Christmas gifts, this scarf will move to the top of my list.

Best wishes,

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