Canadian Book Launch: There’s No Place Like Home

What a high, man: My LYS, with all the furniture moved out and fifty chairs taking up the floorspace, with standing room only. Add to the mix some friends and family and new-to-me crocheters and knitters from my neighbourhood and some who drove a few hours for the event and Julie counted among them, and you have a gasping crochet author who's moved beyond words.

Ok. Almost beyond words. But certainly beyond photos. I took one:

Crochet Me projects

Before I continue, allow me to point you to some more photos and write-ups: Carol's Flickr set and Metroblogging write-up, Julie's account (she visited alpacas!), and Leslie's post on the new, awesome Urban Yarns blog.

Here's a grainy pic of Julie and me. Julie talked about her involvement with, about tech editing, and about her inspiration and design process for her messenger bag and plaid scarves.

Julie and Me

There are a few more photos in my Book Tour set.

After our hourlong schpiel, we schmoozed and fondled yarn for just as long. I was in such an excited haze, I remember few names. But I did meet a Spiderweb Cardigan from the Spring 2007 Interweave Crochet. And I met the Maked ladies. (They're all about the pun. They pronounce it like naked. I hope we find time to play together sometime soon.)

Remember my PINK Icelandic Cowl sweater? Yeah, I didn't finish it. Neither did Julie. But I did fix it, pretty much. It's no longer enormous. Now it's only mildly too big, and that's a level of too-big I can live with. I'm in the middle of doing the waist shaping, which will soon turn into hip shaping.

Remember how huge the back was? No more:

If I have room in my no-doubt-to-be-zipper-popping-stuffed luggage tomorrow, I'll bring it with me on my trip. To Portland! To play and teach at Yarn Garden! And to meet Megan! Oh, I heart Portland so much.

And then after that, to Colorado to work feverishly getting the winter issue out the door next Wednesday. And to be on the news again! And to do three events, each at a different shop. Oh, the fun!

Sometime in there, I'll write up all the links I've been collecting. And I was tagged! I haven't forgotten.

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