Calling Crafty Authors: Take the One Star Challenge

It's no secret here that I'm a sci-fi fan. As such, I occasionally read the blog of best-selling author John Scalzi. Recently, he posted a few of his favourite 1-star reviews of his books, and discussed that, really, he's okay with them. He challenged other authors to do the same, to possibly find entertainment in them, and ultimately to just "get past them." I obliged at the end of a rambling post on my personal blog. (Note: I'm very okay with negative reviews. I like positive reviews a lot more.)

And then this morning my life as a geek got very, very sweet indeed, for Scalzi listed me amongst some very talented and accomplished authors who also participated in his challenge.

And then Media Bistro covered it, and singled out the lone crafty girl (I suppose as a member of an even less-mainstream genre than sci-fi).

And so I just have to call upon all the crafty authors out there (scroll to the end of the post) to join in the challenge, too. Post your favourite negative reviews of your books on your blog. Let me know on my blog or let Scalzi know on his blog, for all the world should know we crafty authors can get past the negativity, too. And they should be entertained while we're at it.


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