Call for Submissions: Spring 2007

In this, the season of rampant consumerism, gift-wrap, and packaging, it's time to look ahead to spring: to Earth Day, Arbor Day, renewal, and being loud-mouthed crafters who shout from our cyber-rooftops about sustainability, reusing, repurposing, recycling, and all that goes with being responsible world citizens. We know you want to be a part of this. Here's how:

Crochet Me Spring 2007 Call for Submissions

The Sustainability Issue

Our spring issue will focus on environment-, animal-, and eco-friendly garments, accessories, and items of all sorts. Possibilities include:

– Recycled yarn, reusing old sweaters, repurposing supplies

– Designs using organic and/or other earth-friendly or sustainable fibers

– Dolls, toys, motifs, or charted designs involving threatened animals or plants

– Replacements for disposable items (such as shopping bags, napkins, gift-wrap, dishcloths, mop heads, etc.)

– Gardening-related items (such as hats, gloves, caddies, utility belts, etc.)

– Awareness-raising designs (such as those promoting recycling, reusing, repurposing, sustainability, public transit, cycling, walking, etc.)

Warm-weather garments are also in high demand! Tops, wraps, skirts, dresses, baby/child clothing, garments for men are most welcome.

Even simple items should be unique and interesting; colour choice should be sophisticated. Garment submissions should involve excellent drape, attention to shaping and fashion details, and a wide range of sizing.

Excellent photographs are a must.

Submissions Deadline: 10 January 2007

Submissions should include a well-written description, colour preferences, yarn choice, yarn quantity required if the item isn't already completed, and a photo of a swatch. Submissions of completed items should include a good photo or two of the finished piece.

Final Deadline for Accepted Designs: 28 February 2007

Patterns and all supporting written materials, plus excellent photos taken in natural light are due in digital format by this date. All written materials must be prepared using the appropriate template available at

Questions? Don't hesitate.

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