CAL catch-up

Hey all,

When last I wrote about our CrochetMe Crochet-Along, I was woefully behind. No more!

I took a couple of balls of yarn and my size G hook on the road over the weekend.

Here, the beginning rows of the front sun themselves on the dash. (The pattern is Autumn Romance Pullover by Annette Petavy. The yarn is Lorna's Laces Honor in Watercolor.)

We're headed down I-40 to Kernersville. There, we stopped by a friend's house, where I was presented with this unusual crochet gift:

A picture of crocheted bunny skeletons in the magazine KIA (Kateigaha International Edition), a Japanese cultural magazine. The rabbit (it counts as one rabbit, shown here in both white and pink) is the mascot for the design duo Cabaret Aki and Jackal Kuzu, who together design for the label Gut's Dynamite Cabarets. The rabbit's name is Brian Setsuko. The crocheter of the Brian Setsuko models, inspired by cabaret bunnies, is not named. It's wild, it's curious and some small part of me wants one.

That is not the end of curiousness at this house. Out back, we found a bottle tree:

(The somewhat larger front catches some sparkle for a moment.) Bottle trees are a Southern phenomenon. The tradition came from Africa, where it was believed that shiny things outside the home would attract evil spirits that would be trapped in the bottles—and keep them out of the house. Nowadays, bottle trees are mostly lawn art. And a handy place to hang crochet.

We sat a spell in the gazebo, and the front grew a little:

then we headed back home to Cary, where the front grew and grew overnight (I wish this happened at the hands of wee crochet fairies—it was really me, the TV and lots of double crochets). By Sunday morning, we were well along:

and by Monday morning, the front was sunning itself on the kayak with the back:

This brings me up to speed with the Crochet-Along schedule. But I'm heading to the the CGOA Chain Link Conference later this week, which could put me way behind again. So I've started on the sleeves—it's altogether possible the sleeves will be treated to a trip to New Hampshire.

(I would have pictures of the sleeves here, but they're a little shy, being so small and all still. I'm actually crocheting them at the same time, kind of. I'm doing two rows of one, then two rows of the other.)

Off to crochet … Stop by the forum and give a little update on your sweater.



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