Busy Mom? Take “Tote”al Control With This Bag

If you’re anything like me, you know that the more organized you are, the more smoothly your life will run. My sister, a busy mom of 4 adorable children, lives by this motto. When I wrote “4 Projects to Celebrate Friendship with Your Sister”, the project my sister latched onto was the Martha’s Vineyard Tote. So . . . that’s what she received for a belated birthday present!

Let me tell you, she’s made good use of it! In fact, like many resourceful moms, she’s been able to find 5 completely different ways to use this bag to make her life easier:

martha's vineyard tote bag

1. Diaper Bag: To moms of young children, this is probably one of the most obvious uses for this tote, but the size makes it perfect for carrying diapers, extra clothes, and anything else your baby might need.

martha's vineyard tote bag

2. Library Books: After a diaper bag, using this tote to haul around library books seems like one of the most logical uses. Whether you’re checking out books for yourself or for your kids, this bag will carry them all, within reason, of course!

3. Club Activities: From Girl Scouts or Frontier Girls to Indian Guides or Boy Scouts, this tote makes is easy to keep track of vests, badges, snacks, etc. When you bring this bag along, you’re sure to be one of the coolest moms in the club.

4. School: My sister homeschools her children, so between co-ops and other extra-curricular activities, there’s always something that needs to be carried. She’s also a tutor, so keeping her kids’ and other kids’ school information organized is a must.

5. Scrapbooking: All moms need some time for themselves, whether it’s just “45 minutes all to myself” (White Christmas) or a girls’ night out. My sister loves to scrapbook, and she’s great at it, so organizing pages, stickers, etc., is a must, and this bag makes it possible.

How would you or another busy mom in your life use the Martha’s Vineyard Tote? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Stitching!

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