Bunny Tail Baby Blanket


Michelle Troyer


I saw a photo of a blanket like this on Crochet Me and requested the pattern. When I received no response, I decided to figure it out myself. I am not finished with it yet, which is sad because the baby shower is tomorrow. Oh well. 

I’ve tried to explain what I did. If its not clear or you need more explanation, please post here. 

Materials List

Loops and Threads Bunny Tail Yarn- I used Frost, but any color will do. I have used less than one skein so far. I would guess it will only take one 3 oz skein. 

Red Heart Soft Yarn- I used White, but any matching color will do. I have used one and a half 5 oz skeins. I would guess it will take approx 3 skeins total. (not including an border)

Hook size 10-J- but many sizes will work if you like the look of another size better.

A pair of fairly sharp scissors to trim away some Bunny Tail Puffs.


Finished Size

My blanket is about 28 inches wide, I was aiming for 30 inches, I will add a border around the entire edge. If you prefer larger or smaller baby blankets, choose whatever width you like and amend the total yarn needed.

I have not completed the blanket but am aiming for about 35 inches long.


15 DC and 8 rows =4″ square


I used 2 rows of double crochet (DC) and one row of half double crochet (HDC) with the Bunny Tails yarn strung across row. I think all DC or all HDC would also work. Up to you.

I let the Bunny Tail yarn hang without disconnecting while crocheting DC rows. When I bring it back for the rows with Bunny Tail Yarn, I carefully cut off one of the Bunny Tail Puffs to make the yarn stretch to the correct rows. see step 7.

The Pattern

1.  Chain 95 -or to whatever width you desire- with Red Heart Soft Yarn.

2.  In third ch from hook, double crochet across in back loops (now and throughout). Ch 2 and turn.

3.  DC across. Ch 2 and turn.

4. Bunny Tail Row- Lay Bunny Tail yarn across DC Row. HDC once into each Red Heart Soft DC’ including the Bunny Tail String Spaces. (Like when you incorporate yarn ends into the row when switching colors or skeins. I get 3 HDC before I run into a Bunny Tail Puff.)

When you run into a Bunny Tail Puff, simply drop the yarn forward (or back depending on the row) and do 2 HDC without the Bunny Tail string included in the stitches. Then pick up the Bunny Tail String again for 3 more HDC. Continue across. 

When you get to the end of the row, just let the Bunny Tail Yarn hang while you continue with Red Heart Soft DC rows 5 & 6. Ch 2 and turn

5 & 6. DC across row. Ch 2 and turn.

7. You are now ready to pick up the Bunny Tail yarn again. I have found that there is not enough space between the puffs to reach over the 2 DC rows to the beginning of this row. I took a pair of scissors and CAREFULLY trimmed away one Bunny Tail Puff so that the space was double the length. Be Careful not to cut the string, just the fuzzy puff. This should give you enough room to continue repeating steps 4, 5, 6 and 7 until the blanket reaches the length your desire. End with 2 Red Heart Soft rows to match your first 2 rows.

8. Edge with border of your choice with Red Heart Soft yarn to cover over the Bunny Tail that strings between rows. I haven’t decided what kind of border to do on this blanket. I usually do a shell stitch because I don’t like baby blankets that catch on things.


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