Building a Crochet Afghan Square by Square

Whether you are designing a full size afghan or a much smaller crochet baby blanket, the project might seem intimidating. That is a lot of crochet. My advice, work block by block. Some of my favorite crochet afghans are creating by seaming together individual squares. You can use this method to create incredible patterns or explore a variety of crochet techniques in a sampler afghan.

Let me show you what I mean.

  The Outrageous Fortune afghan by Laurinda Reddig may look like a single large geometric pattern, but this design is actually created using just two square designs that are worked continuously as strips.  The bulls-eyes strip down the center is created using one square, worked repeatedly without fastening off, while the remainder of the afghan is created using strips of the arrow square. Working each of the five strips individually breaks this afghan into manageable sections.
  Another advantage of pieced crocheted afghans like this is the opportunity to play with new techniques. The colorwork strips were all crocheted using Laurinda's reversible color crochet technique. This allows you to use double crochet but still create a piece that's colorwork is fully reversible. You can play with this technique even further with Laurinda's Intarsia Sampler afghan. Each individual square is worked separately. It makes a great travel project as well.
  Your sampler afghan doesn't have to consist of a single technique though. The Chain Reaction Afghan Project doesn't repeat a single design in its twenty crochet squares. You can play with tapestry crochet, lace crochet, Tunisian crochet, post stitches and more. You can crochet all twenty or create your own design or afghan size by working only some of the squares.

So jump into your next crochet afghan; build it square by square and before you know it you will be curled up with your new afghan. Download Reversible Color Crochet by Laurinda Reddig as well as The Chain Reaction Afghan Project Crochet Along video workshop in this special bundle and start crocheting today.

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P.S. What is your favorite crochet afghan style; motifs, lace, squares, sampler?

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